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CBD Flowers with a high content of CBD of the latest generation." It had a fragrance and a very intense flavor that considers the most loved and most similar quality to the THC genetics. Despite the strong taste, thi genetic is characterized by a soft and fruity aftertaste, very similar to the Haze family.

The buds of medium-small size, without seeds, compact and resinous. The buds have a very light color. The plants are average and have a good yield. Harvesting and cleaning are done by hand.

The cultivation takes place in the Upper Piedmont with the hydroponic technique in the controlled and specifically studied environments. In addition, synergy with other plants is used to nourish the plant with all the components necessary for it. The plants, obviously NO GMOs, are well irrigated only with water. Much loved in Piedmont, it is considered the queen among the productions of this region, one of the most flourishing in the panorama of Hemp in Italy and in Europe.

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